Dec 22, 2013

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Dec 14, 2013

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Dec 10, 2013

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Dec 9, 2013

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We have created a site that allows you to submit definitions and search for them or click on random word.
We have adopted to use a monochrome look which looks like an old terminal with green text on black back ground.
Our reason for it is that it uses less electricity.  But the real reason is we just like the terminal green text look.
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Nov 2, 2013

comment inflation rate

 the rate of which comments are inflated. Number of total comments divided by number of unique ideas expressed in comments.  A higher rate of comment inflation means that there are many comments expressing the same idea(s), while a lower rate of comment inflation means that the idea(s) are expressed in fewer unique comments hence making each comment more unique and valuable.

John: "It's so annoying on facebook when thousands of people comment on a post saying the same thing. It's hard to find interesting comments since they're buried in there somewhere".
Joe: "I know.  Many facebook posts have such a high comment inflation rate!"

 see also: comment inflate, comment inflator

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comment inflate

to write a comment that says the exact or similar thing as previous comment(s) instead of thumbing up or liking an existing comment.

 John comment inflates a facebook post by posting a comment that says: "So sorry to hear!" after seeing a previous comment that says: "I'm so sorry to hear" (instead of thumbing up or liking that existing comment).

see also: comment inflator, comment inflation rate

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Nov 1, 2013

comment inflator

comment inflator or comment inflater
Is someone who instead of thumbing up or liking an existing comment, writes a comment that says the exact or similar thing as previous comment(s).

John while browsing the internet sees a comment that says: "That's so sad! :("
John then writes a comment that says: "That's sad!"
Joe writes a comment that says: ":("
Jen doesn't comment, instead she thumbs up or clicks on "like" for the very first comment.
John and Joe are both comment inflators. Jen is not a comment inflator.

see also: comment inflate, comment inflation rate

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Banh Bao

not as good as banh mi but pretty damn good
steamed pork buns

the store i went to ran out of banh mi so i got some banh bao instead!

contributed by: banh bao lover

Oct 19, 2013

Miley Cyrus

that girl that became more popular than Jesus after twerking on MTV.

Tom: who's Miley Cyrus?
Tim: she's the one that twerked on MTV and became more popular than Jesus!
Tom: well, I love Jesus more.
Tim: me too!

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Oct 17, 2013

George Tabuki

code name for smoking marijuana.
George is a common first name, and Tabuki is derived from a Street Fighter Character, Ibuki because George is like Ibuki in that he's like ninja. George Tabuki is described as an African American with dreadlocks and a tattoo of "a heart with an arrow going through it and the word MOM below the heart" on his left shoulder. George Tabuki is a fictional marijuana dealer created by a group of boys in Penticton, BC, Canada while they were looking around in search of a possible marijuana dealer.

Guy #1: Hey, have you hung out with George today? (meaning: "have you smoked pot today?")
Guy #2: George who? Smith or Tabuki? (meaning: "do you mean George Smith or do you mean smoke pot?")
Guy #1: George Tabuki! (meaning: "smoke pot!")
Guy #2: No! you want to? Let's!
Guy #1: Okay, Let's! 

contributed by: Friend of George Tabuki