Oct 17, 2013

George Tabuki

code name for smoking marijuana.
George is a common first name, and Tabuki is derived from a Street Fighter Character, Ibuki because George is like Ibuki in that he's like ninja. George Tabuki is described as an African American with dreadlocks and a tattoo of "a heart with an arrow going through it and the word MOM below the heart" on his left shoulder. George Tabuki is a fictional marijuana dealer created by a group of boys in Penticton, BC, Canada while they were looking around in search of a possible marijuana dealer.

Guy #1: Hey, have you hung out with George today? (meaning: "have you smoked pot today?")
Guy #2: George who? Smith or Tabuki? (meaning: "do you mean George Smith or do you mean smoke pot?")
Guy #1: George Tabuki! (meaning: "smoke pot!")
Guy #2: No! you want to? Let's!
Guy #1: Okay, Let's! 

contributed by: Friend of George Tabuki


  1. To My Best Bud:
    Long Live George Tabuki!!!!!! May your stems be short and thy buds be tight, and your friend s be lizard eyed.

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